Frequently Asked Questions

Fabric Place Basement is Pleased to Offer Discounted Fabrics Available for purchase Via this Online Outlet 

Fabrics found on this website may or may not be found in the physical storefront prices may or may not match the physical storefront.

How to use the site - FabricPlaceBasement.com is set up to easily sort the goods specifically to the details of what you are looking for, such as silk or blue. Goods can be sorted by Color, Type, Price, Material, and Department. None of our items are reorder-able what we have in stock is the total amount we will ever have, once an item is out of stock we will not be able to get it again. Only Whole Yards are available for purchase we do not cut increments of a yard.

Amount in stock -The amount we have currently available is displayed directly under the price in whole yards.

Photography - All of our pictures are taken under full spectrum bulbs and edited for color correctness using a calibrated monitor. Some colors may appear different on your monitor, but every effort is taken to make sure the colors are as close as we can possibly get them. However because colors can never be absolutely perfect we recommend ORDERING A SWATCH before placing any large orders, or any orders that colors have to be a close or perfect color match. 

Ordering a swatch - To order a swatch simply select Swatch from the dropdown menu under length. Swatches for home decorating and upholstery goods are generally 4"x6" depending on the material. Swatches of silks and other fabrics may be smaller or larger depending on the repeat and cost of material. 

Order Processing -  Most orders are Processed the same day, and ship same day. 

Fabric Information - Information about the fabrics is listed below the pictures, information generally includes, Material, repeat, and width. 

 →→Direction of Roll→→ - This is simply the way the fabric unrolls from the bolt it does NOT NECESSARILY THE REPEAT. the actual repeat is listed in inches in the information listed below the pictures